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Henry Sanchez 

I was brought up in a small community in Guadalupe Ca. My parents worked very hard while raising me and my sisters, and I learned how to work hard and look for opportunities at an early age. When I graduated high school I went to a community college and landed my first full time job with Hostess cakes making about $90,000 a year as a route driver. I made really good money as a young man, but something happened to me that would ultimately change my life. I ended up going on vacation with my family. I know it seems pretty simple that a vacation would change my life , but it did. I took my family to Vegas and we booked a room at the MGM Grand Hotel, but due to a mix-up they ended up upgrading us to their signature suite which was their top of the line suite for free. They treated us like royalty, and this was the life that high-rollers experienced all the time! I made the decision that day that I would do everything I could to make enough money to keep coming back if I chose. When I got back home, I immediately started looking for opportunities to make more money.

I started looking online for small business  opportunities that would create a secondary income, and I came across wholesale pallets for sale that I could buy very cheaply. I bought my first pallet for $150 and I made $800 dollars profit off of it by selling the items on EBay. After I saw that there was definitely money to be made I started investing in more pallets buying two to four at a time and storing them in my garage. I knew then that my EBay business had the potential to make me lots of money and I dove headfirst into it fulltime.  After business started to pick up I upgraded to a storage facility, but soon I needed a warehouse due to the amount of product that I could move online.  I was buying pallets by the truckload and putting them in my warehouse.

My second opportunity came when I was doing research online and I noticed a niche no one was offering.  I realized that no one was selling broken parts, they were only selling items whole, so I purchased a pallet of broken coffee makers and salvaged the coffee makers for parts. This move alone tripled my income. After I started to increase my income significantly I realized that I needed to hire some employees to keep things going while I continued to work. I hired 19 employees to run my business and after eight years of hard work I became an EBay Power seller I currently make roughly $24,000 per month selling on Amazon and EBay and you can do this too. I will do my best to present you with the tools I currently use to make money online.

The reason I created this website was to help as many people as I can accomplish their goals and change their lives like Vegas changed mine.  I’d love to see you reach your goals. Take a look at our packages, and our training, or just read the blogs and watch the free videos to get as much information as you need to get started. I’ve also co-written a new book full of valuable information on the new policies and procedures that Amazon has recently implemented along with 150 resources to help you source inventory to sell. This is my story you can start writing your success story today. If I can help in any way reach out to me through our website. Good Luck and Happy Sourcing!