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How to Make Money Selling Online: Getting Started & Getting Paid

By Craig Shanklin, and Henry Sanchez

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 Take a small seed of hope and grow an orchard of money trees…  Decide to sell something. 

What People Are Saying

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Wow ! I never realized how much I didn't know until I read this book! I was a little hesitant but after I read a few pages I was really impressed by all the great information and sources in this book, Looks like I definately will be changing my listings on Amazon. Great Information and well worth the price!
dick graves
Just finished my first read of your new ebook “How to Make Money Selling on Amazon”. I will be using this GREAT resource continuously . I’ve been selling online for 13 years, I went “duh?” when I read this information. I immediately said, “I can do that.” Another homerun Henry. Precise-well done! 5 Stars and more! Dick Graves site and the ebook was an added bonus. Getting a lot from your site.
Dick Graves
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One of the very best you can read. Contains all of the necessary details you will need. Henry Sanchez is the best at teaching it. Very well done!
Stephen Eberhardt


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