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 Take a small seed of hope and grow an orchard of money trees…  Decide to sell something. 

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A New Venture… Start Today

A New Venture… Start Today Today can be the start of something fantastic! If you’re coming out of a difficult time in your life or have just experienced a financial hardship you may still be reeling from the impact. However, just because you’re down doesn’t mean that you’re out. All it takes is for you to decide. Decide to be better, decide to grab life by the lapels and shake it until your opportunity falls out. When we face challenges and things don’t go our way have a tendency to take things personal, but we never expect our family members or friends to take things that way when they are faced with certain challenges. Life will kick you, and knock you down, but whether or not you stay down is a choice. I’ve experienced feelings of loss, unfair business practices, and situations outside of my control just as many of you have. However, life will never be fair to each of us, and how you react when you get knocked down will ultimately be the ending of the story. We can either choose to get up and turn the situation into one of the greatest comeback stories ever to be told, or we can choose to stay down and allow the story to be a sad tale of tragedy and woe. You get to decide which ending takes place every day of your life. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. You can decide to try new ventures and learn new skills that can open doors to opportunities unseen. It all starts with you, and it all...

Top 5 Model to Creating Wealth Online

Top 5 Model to Creating Wealth Online If you want to be successful in the online marketplace the first thing that you need to do is spend as much time as you can educating yourself about the business models that you choose to participate in. There are five primary business models that are generally used to create wealth online. There’s retail arbitrage, wholesaling, FBM, FBA, and then Private labeling. Each of these models… Click To Tweet will create income and is available to those who have decided to venture into online selling. Retail arbitrage is the act of searching for products that you can buy on clearance racks or discounted racks in stores that can be found at a reduced rate. However, the opportunity is not a consistent opportunity because once the inventory is depleted you are back to looking for a new opportunity to source for the income that you are trying to make. So, it’s a cycle of searching for items, finding the opportunity and then shipping the item out yourself for profit. This model can be lucrative in the short term, however many online sellers resort to this for extra cash and not for regular income. Wholeselling is when you seek out business deals whith wholesale suppliers that will give you discounted pricing on goods that you can then go sell online. You can do very good and consistent business with a wholesale deal if you are savy and can find the right market or niche item that sells. This will require a lot of research prior to you enetering into an agreement with a supplier....

The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg… Over… And Over

The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg… Over… And Over I know as you read this article you’d like to make more money, or earn extra income. You’d like to take a small seed of hope and grow an orchard of money trees, but how do you go about doing that? Well, I don’t have all of the answers of life, but I can tell you that if you decide to sell something in life, and then grow or scale your audience that you can be successful and make lots of money. The highest paid people in their respective careers are typically people in sales. That brings us to the crux of my article which is online sales and the vast opportunities that eBay, Amazon, retail arbitrage, or private label sales could do to your income levels, if you follow the necessary steps to create a successful sales funnel. These steps are really simple, almost too simple for many of us to comprehend. It just doesn’t occur to people that a golden opportunity like this could be sitting right out in the open. After all, aren’t we led to believe that to be successful we need to discover some “hidden secrets” that only successful people know? Well, I can tell you the truth about that. In actuality this information is readily available and can be obtained at very little cost. If we can get the information and then accept the information as true we can start the process. Next, we have to allow the information to manifest into habits and discipline. We can then use the information, along with...