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ebay Package

  • Includes access to our self-study ebay course consisting of 15 videos, plus 10 Power Sellers Training videos. Access to our Closed FB Community, TeraPeak Training videos,  Wholesale Distributor List. This course is self-study and self paced taking you from a newbie to a Power Seller. 

What Our Visitors Are Saying

I’ve been privileged to have received such great feedback, let’s read some of it.

“Great video, great value!”

“Henry, thanks for another informative and insightful video. I’m watching and learning every day. Awesome!!!”

“This is a great video nobody else is giving you a strategy to help your business grow and expand like you are Henry. Everybody who knows how to do this is keeping the info for themselves way to be a team player looking forward to working with you and to see what we can create.”


“Great material Henry!  Haven’t seen that explained anywhere before & you’re so clear & methodical in the presentation ~ easy to follow. Thanks so much!”

“Well done Henry!  Thank you….”

“You are so inspiring. You do not know how much you have helped me, I am going to sign up under you when I can. Thank you so much, where are the generous people out there who do not just try to steal your wallet and actually add VALUE like you did? Keep it up Henry, you are awesome!”


“Sweet, even a better deal”

“Very helpful video Henry! Will be glad if you can be my teacher for internet sales!”

“Hi Henry, Thanks for sharing good content videos.  I appreciate your knowledge of Terapeak.  I lucked up on it through my eBay back office and joined it for free… then I needed help on how to use the tool.  And I was blessed to find your videos.  I too am with DS Domination.  All the best to you and your business.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to reach me is through my contact page that goes directly to my handy email account. I’m in the California area so you know what time zone I’m running on.

I've Heard of it.. But what is a Ebay Top Rated Seller?

Good question… Well, I am a top rated seller because I’ve completed over 16,000 sales with outstanding customer service. But it took more than that to be recognized and rewarded; consistency was/is vital, and so was tracking my progress in terms of: meeting sales, tracking requirements, and performance standards. Stick with me, and you’ll get there!

How valuable are your tips; truthfully?

All opinions aside, I share information that is probable, possible, as well as researchable. There are many types of learners, some visual, and others are hands on so I like to switch up my methods, but always keeping the same goal of delivering quality, informative, and trustworthy information.

What are you thinking?

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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